Activities for children of any age

Young Toddlers

(8 weeks – 23 months)


(2 year old)


(3 year old)


(Pre-K For All)

Our smallest students need more than just babysitting; they need a safe, well-planned environment in which to explore their world! Our highly qualified providers will nurture your little ones, praying over them and helping them to engage with the classroom through music, play, and developmentally-appropriate activities. 

Toddlers are always on the go! They need the freedom to exert their growing independence – to climb, slide, crawl, and roll. Our two-year-old class provides this, along with play-based learning opportunities to prepare them academically and emotionally for the years ahead. They’ll also be introduced to God’s love for them through daily Bible stories and worship time. 

Our three-year-olds are ready to take on their worlds! Creativity and imaginative play are crucial to preschooler’s academic and social development, and we make sure they have plenty of time for it. Combined with our excellent academic and spiritual program, they’re sure to be ready to tackle what lies ahead. 

A good foundation is critical for success, so we’ve chosen a research-based, teacher-tested curriculum, the Core Knowledge Preschool Program, for our pre-kindergartners. We also integrate play-based lessons in emotional regulation and daily lessons in character from God’s Word to help four-year-olds prepare for enriching social interactions at home and in school. 

Generations Preschool provides an excellent preschool experience for children and their families in the Trinity area. Our outstanding academic program is designed to prepare children academically, socially, emotionally and physically, as well as spark a love of learning and a sense of adventure! Our nurturing teachers and staff provide a safe, welcoming environment, and our vibrant faith is an integral part of each day. 

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